Degree Structure

There are six core values represented throughout the degrees — Reverence for God, Integrity, Justice, Tolerance, Devotion to Country and Service to Humanity.

Whereas a Symbolic Lodge appears in almost every community in the United States, the Scottish Rite units tend to be regional and are called “Valleys”. Most Valleys have four distinct paths, although in some areas a candidate may be required to continue his degrees in a neighboring Valley.

The Lodge of Perfection confers the 4° to the 14°. These are commonly referred to as the Ineffable degrees. In the eleven lessons the candidate will observe may references,scenes and characters which recall and amplify the three Symbolic degrees.

The Council of Princes of Jerusalem confers the 15° and 16°, which teach lessons using the settings based on the Babylonian captivity of the Hebrews and the building of the second Temple.

The Chapter of Rose Croix confers the 17° and 18°, and is the spiritual heart of the Scottish Rite. These degrees teach that the only lasting Temple is in the soul of man.

The Consistory confers the 19° to 32°. These degrees portray many memorable lessons that range in settings from the days of chivalry through the 20th Century.

A Scottish Rite degree can offer a new reflection each time it is performed or observed. The lessons are taught through parables in the form of plays, allowing Masons the opportunity to bond through theater, stage work, costuming,makeup, set design and musical activities. Cast members present the lessons,which are taken from Biblical and modern historical events, to candidates who learn through observing performances.

A Master Mason may become a Scottish Rite Mason in as little as one day, or he may take each degree over a period of time. Some are presented in an elaborate stage presentation. Every Scottish Rite Mason is encouraged to witness as many degree presentations as possible, and each new member is provided with a passport in which to log his journey in the degrees.